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1.The company should provide free replacement in case that the part damage is caused by inhuman reasons within product warranty period and timely replacement at cost price for products out of the warranty period.

2.Regardless of warranty period,the company will make a response within 2 hours to fault,and send personnel to solve the problem within 24 hours.The personnel are not allowed to leave the site until the trouble is removed and the line runs normally.After the removal of the problem,the personnel should summarize and analyze the reason for the fault as well as work out detailed measures to prevent the reoccurrence of similar equipment accidents.

3.In order to guarantee normal running of equipment,besides providing text data,the company should send staff to give detailed trailing to operating personnel and maintenance personnel of the customers till they completely and skillfully master operating and maintenance rules.

4.The company has built an equipment control file system of sold equipment,visits customers at least once each year after the equipment is sold to carefully handle problems of customers and ensure that the equipment can meet requirements of the new trend.